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Phone Payments - Your access to new markets and target groups

Whatever it is: games, music, videos, software, publishing products, e-learning, mobile apps, subscriptions, adult entertainment or file sharing. 

The most convenient and secure way to pay online is by phone, i.e. charging the respective amount directly to a consumer's phone bill. Phone payments are considered to be the most accessible payment option worldwide. Whether it is through landline or mobile phone, no other payment method provides such global reach and access to the vast consumer base around the world.

There are now over 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions globally. With phone payments you can give more consumers access to your products and services online.

High Conversion

short payment process

Long payment processes can be an obstacle for conversion. Several steps, many fields to fill in may cause users to drop out, therefore not completing the buying process. With Pay900 consumers do not need to register or share any personal data like credit card numbers or bank account details.
This makes the payment process very fast by just requiring a few quick steps and a very reduced amount of clicks. The checkout process is faster and easier and therefore pushes conversion to a high level.
Impulse purchases that may be blocked by many steps and digiting long information are facilitated.

Global Reach

International coverage

Digital goods are by their very nature available everywhere and for everyone. To maximize profit for a seller or merchant the scope of availability is key. International sales are defined by geographical coverage, but also the access to markets and target groups. Phone payments offer monetization potential way beyond credit cards or other classic payment options with mobile phone penetration peaking around the world.

Pay900 operates internationally with carefully selected partners and network operators to provide global reach, stability and security.


Additional Audiences

Reach more people

Many consumers willing to buy content online do not have credit cards or bank accounts. These may be a large group of your target audience depending on the markets you are operating in. If you target certain age groups or those who do not wish to disclose their credit card or bank account information on the internet. Integrating Pay900 as a method of payment gives you access to these clients and markets.

Long-term Experience

Over 13 years in the industry

Pay900 is a pioneer in phone payments. We have been offering our services for over 13 years and operate internationally. We are experts with a long track record and experience in phone payments. Our voice payment solution has been patented internationally.