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Quick, easy and safe phone payments worldwide

With us you have the opportunity to handle your online payments for content in a convenient, secure and easy way. It is an ideal payment method to globally monetize virtual goods and services.

- We care about our merchants and end customers.

- We care about all major and minor details.

- We process millions of transactions. Were integrated in thousands of
  online games, platforms, download portals, social networks and apps.

- Over 13 years of experience

It’s more than just technical expertise, quick response and transparency when it comes to process payments.


Daotec Ltd

Registered Office:
145-157 St John Street
London, EC1V 4PY
United Kingdom

UK Tel: +44 207 037 7777
UK Fax: +44 207 037 8888

E-mail: sales at pay900.com

Security & Trust

We believe that security and trust are vital components when it comes to payments, especially online, when digital goods are involved. We feel and live the responsibility of our customers’ trust in us. We highly appreciate it and work hard on a daily basis to earn it and aim for highest customer satisfaction. Our headoffice is in the heart of Europe, in Vienna.

With one of the strictest financial market regulations, we provide our payment solutions to the world believing that our heritage and long-term expertise builds trust with sellers and users alike.


We have been providing telecommunication and carrier-based payment services for the past 13 years. As a pioneer in phone payments expertise we are able to offer our customers stability in this fast-paced environment and emerging industry of online and mobile payments. Pay900 is 100% self-funded and profitable without dependence on venture capital that many other market players have to rely on.


We also believe that in our globally connected world, consumers must be given a choice. In many markets or demographic target groups users do not have or are not willing to use traditional payment methods.

Offering phone payments, i.e. the option to bill purchases directly to the phone bill, expands your product offer to more users providing an ideal alternative payment method to millions of consumers worldwide.


Today’s society is driven by convenience, time-savings and speed. Online and especially mobile consumers have very low tolerance for long checkout processes or extra steps. Registration, applications, typing in long credit card details are points of friction and, lead to drop-outs and reduce the sellers conversion, not to mention the user’s disappointment.

We at Pay900 thrive to constantly optimize the payment process to make it as fast and frictionless as possible.