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Simply call the service number provided, or choose to send a text message or any other method of your choice - and follow the instructions on the screen

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The indicated amount will be directly charged to the phone bill

Payment Screen

The payment screen is where your customer pays for your digital product or service. We are constantly testing and working to improve the checkout process to maximize your conversion.

The payment screen needs to meet all local regulations. We take full care of this.

The language definition of the internet browser predefines the language of the payment screen. Buyers may change the payment screen language to their preferred setting.

Our integration team is happy to customize everything based on your requirements, constantly assuring all country-specific standards are met. The payment screen will be seamlessly integrated in your game or portal, so the payment will happen within your branded environment – no friction, not opening a new browser tab.

Services for our Business Partners

Single Integration

Pay900’s integration offers sellers the possibility to accept payments made via mobile or home phone/landline, via call, text or direct billing. Pay900 supports all major currencies and 20+ languages.

Global Compatibility

We take care of your integration work from localization, compliance and tax regulations with all country-specific regulations and requirements to tax management– as quick as possible so that you can start monetizing your content in no time.

Price Point Flexibility

With Pay900’s different payment options we offer a wide range of price points that can be customized to your product and service.

Fraud Protection

Fraud protection measures utilized by our external network providers and carriers provide the first layer of defence to our fraud management system.

We run regular risk assessments on all our providers to determine their technical and financial stability and the strength and usage of their fraud detection and mitigation systems.

Merchant Support and Management Tools

Our customer relations team is providing a frictionless support and helpdesk. Your personalized control center access provides you real-time statistics and reporting to stay at all times on top of your revenues.

End customer support

And we expand this to your users as well. Assistance is guaranteed with our helpdesk and email ticketing system we put user support as a top priority. And we are proud to provide customer service in many languages.