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Pay900 allows consumers to charge their purchase directly to their phone bill

Carrier billing through Pay900 provides the most convenient form of payment for your user. The payment is charged directly to the customers’ phone bill. All they need to provide is their phone number. With Pay900 you can expand your target group reaching people without bank accounts or credit cards. In addition, many people like to choose freely when and where to use their credit card for payments and many times consumers want to avoid typing in their credit card details online.

Pay900 works with ALL phones - mobile and landline

Pay900 phone payments work with ALL phones. Give your user the choice between mobile or landline phone to make their purchase.

Landline billing is widely used when consumers access their favorite browser game or website from home and want to have the comfort of using their home phones to access your digital product or service.

For those preferring the flexibility of mobile phones and accessing content on all devices – PC/laptop, smartphone, tablet – Pay900 mobile phone billing is the perfect partner. Users can still choose between the established habit of making a call, the popular option to text or the quickest way of entering their mobile phone number on-screen.

All our payment options work with prepaid as well as postpaid accounts.

Direct Carrier Billing

Direct billing is the quickest way to pay online and is also known as web billing, wap billing or mobile payment. It is the most recent payment option offered by more and more mobile operators in different countries.
Pay900 implements direct carrier billing technology to offer various types of payment flows: asking the customer to enter the mobile number, texting a message or calling a toll-free or local number.

 Main benefits:

  • Convenient payment flow
  • High payouts
  • Very low chargeback risks
  • Flexible price points

Voice Payments

Voice payments are made by calling a premium rate number. With voice payments a wide range of price point is available.

Time based calls

We are able to bill to the second of a call so you may charge any price you want for all countries we offer services in.  After calling the service number provided the customer enters the order number (code) and the amount is charged to their phone bill.

Event based calls ("drop calls")

Drop calls are a good way to charge consumers a larger sum with one short call. Normally, these calls last for a few seconds in order to receive the order number and state announcements correctly.

Advantage: Enhanced user experience due to short call duration, even faster than SMS.

PSMS - Payments

With PSMS (premium SMS) payments the customer sends a message with the order code to the number provided. Usually, there are several different price points available.Mobile operators use two types of SMS payments:

MO (mobile originated):

The consumer sends the given number of text messages including the order number to the specified service number. As soon as all text messages are sent and fully received, the purchase is completed.

MT (mobile terminated):

The consumer writes a text message and send it to the specified service number. In return, they receive a confirmation message stating the costs. The customers must verify this SMS by sending “Yes”. DaoPay then sends one or more text messages to your customers to complete the purchase.