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An easy, quick and secure way for online payment

From games, movies, music, social media, dating, e-learning, software, adult entertainment or file serving – all you need is your phone number. You can purchase your favorite object and simply have it charged directly to your phone bill. With a few clicks your item is on its way to you.

Business Partners

Pay900’s integration offers sellers the possibility to accept payments made via mobile or home phone/landline, via call, text or direct billing. Pay900 supports all major currencies and 20+ languages.

We take care of your integration work from localization, compliance and tax regulations with all country-specific regulations and requirements to tax management– as quick as possible so that you can start monetizing your content in no time.


You will find all of your payments listed on your phone bill, complete with date, time, number dialled and call duration.

Fraud protection measures utilized by our external network providers and carriers provide the first layer of defence to our fraud management system.

We run regular risk assessments on all our providers to determine their technical and financial stability and the strength and usage of their fraud detection and mitigation systems.